How to Eat Out on a Budget

How to eat out on a budget? The honest truth is, don’t. Don’t eat out if you want to save money. But we can’t help to treat ourselves especially with everything that has been going on the past few months.

Money is tight right now for a lot of people but you can still make your money go long. Here are a few tips on how to eat out on a budget:

"Allstar wings"
  1. Share share share

We all know that the portions at restaurants are a ridiculous amount. If you’re on a budget, share a meal with a friend. Not only are you saving but you are also essentially eating a smaller portion and not overeating. For example, I can not eat a full rack of ribs with a side, but I can definitely share that with my friend and boom meal on a budget.

"Chick fil A"
  1. Fast food is eating out too

You don’t have to go to fancy restaurants. Sometimes you just want a quick meal and that is why fast food is there too. Not only are you still eating out but fast food tends to be way cheaper for a whole meal. Remember we’re not covering healthy options, we’re covering “budget friendly” options.

"Artichoke spinach dip Kelsey's"
  1. Go for apps

Appetizers tend to be less expensive (for the most part unless they are shareables) than a main meal but portion sizes are decent enough for a meal.

"Ting drink"
  1. Skip drinks

It’s ok to drink water. It’s free! Drinks can run from $2 for soft drinks to $20 for a cocktail or hundreds if you go for something special like wine.

"Demetres dessert"
  1. Skip desserts

This may be a hard one especially if you have a sweet tooth like me. I am literally programmed to have dessert after a meal. If you’re on a budget and you really want dessert, you can either go to option #1 and share with friends, or what I tend to do is skip dessert at the restaurant, and maybe go and buy a cookie or donut for $2 to satisfy my sweet tooth.

These are just some of the tricks i’ve picked up over the years while eating out. What are some things you do to save money when eating out? Check out my list of post quarantine restaurants that you can possible try one of these tips with. Feel free to follow me @foodiie.diary on Instagram for more food adventures!

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