KFC Plant Based Chicken Sandwich- Is it Just as Good?

KFC plant based chicken

KFC plant based chicken is now available as of August 10th all across Canada. I have to say a few years ago, plant based meat never satisfied it for me, it always had a weird taste but plant based meat has definitely evolved since.

The plant based chicken burger is a permanent add to the menu, but they have also added plant based popcorn chicken for a limited amount of time. I decided to just try the spicy plant based chicken sandwich.

Visually this sandwich reminded me of a McDonald’s filet-o-fish. I think it was the shape of the chicken which was a triangular shape.

KFC plant based chicken

I took a bite and it definitely had the right amount of crunch. Did it taste like chicken? Yes it did! It surely did. I’m sure I could tell the difference if someone was to give me a regular chicken sandwich to compare based off of texture. The spice from the spicy chicken came from the spicy mayo sauce and not the “chicken” itself.

When you think plant-based do you think healthier? No. The sandwich alone serves about 710 calories (for spicy) compared to 540 for a veggie burger or 610 for their Big Crunch. It’s presently the highest amount of calories between all their sandwiches.

Nutrition Information


This is a great option for someone that isn’t looking to eat meat but would like that meat-like flavour and texture. It’s great that more fast food restaurants are offering plant-based options. If you’re looking for a healthy option this is definitely not it. Plant based doesn’t equal to healthy.

Are you going to go and try KFC plant based chicken?

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