Ten Ren’s Tokyo Sakura Review

Ten Ren's Tokyo Sakura

I recently went to Ten Ren’s and was looking to get my usual black bubble tea with tapioca pearls. But the imagine of this drink caught my attention and I decided maybe I will try something new today. I ended up ordering the Tokyo Sakura drink with crystal boba.

Now, I did not know what flavour this was going to be I picked it solemly because it appeared so pretty in the picture. I did ask before ordering what flavour this consisted of and the lady told me lemon and yogurt.

Visually, this drink is so pretty. A light yellow at the bottom and a pink at the top giving it an ombre look. The yellow was the lemon and the pink was the sakura or cherry blossom flavour. The boba was “crystal” that is why you can’t really see it but it’s there.

My first sip, I instantly thought of lemonade. And I looooove lemonade so I was hooked.

This only thing I did not like we’re the crystal bobas. It was basically like jelly and i do not like jelly at all.

This drink does come in one size only (large) in the reusable cups at $6.49 plus tax. https://tenrenstea.com/lovetea/2019/08/08/world-exploreer-series/

Ten Ren's Tokyo Sakura

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