Why I got Into Food Blogging

Toronto Food blogger

I post a lot of pictures of food on Instagram and have a whole food blog. Why did i get into this? Here is why….

I decided to combine two things that i love: blogging and food. 

I was an art student in high school, and have a degree in design; Fashion communication, so I’ve always been a creative person. I started blogging for various small fashion businesses and started up throughout university and it only made sense to start a fashion blog. But I never felt passionate to do so.

Toronto Food blogger

Living in Toronto we are exposed to so many different cultures and food. My close friends range from all different types of culture so i was always exposed to their food. Especially going to University downtown surrounded by all this food, my friends and I would go out a few times a month and try different things.

I started posting a lot of food pics on my personal instagram and one day decided that i was going to open an instagram account just to post my food pics because i had a lot. It was there where I got exposed to the food community on instagram and fell in love with it. After about a year I decided to start taking the instagram page more seriously.

Toronto Food blogger

I did not want to limit myself to just my Instagram, I wanted a platform to further connect with people. Blogging some say may be a dying medium but what inspired me are sites such as blogTO and Narcity. I would literally go through their site to find places to go around Toronto. That is what inspired me to go forward with my blog. And I am excited for the journey to come

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